Shikoku Travel Day 4/4 – Tokushima, Awa Puppet Theatre, Awa Odori Kaikan 徳島・阿波十朗兵屋敷・阿波踊り会館

on the last day, we continued sightseeing in Tokushima prefecture. Two places which we went to are, the Awa Puppet Theatre 阿波十朗兵衛(じゅうろうべえ)屋敷(やしき), and the Awa Odori Kaikan 阿波踊会館

Awa Puppet Theatre

it was quite different from what I thought a puppet theatre would look like

turns out that the place used to a residence of Jurobei, a samurai who was said to have played an important role in Tokushima’s history

(By the way, “awa” is the old name of Tokushima)

the place is divided into two sections – a museum and the theatre

(photo credit to N)

the narrator’s script – i cant read this man..haha

and the show is about to start! this is the theatre

(photo credit to N)

even though they only showed us an excerpt  of “Naruto of Awa” I think the puppet show was awesome!

watch the video!

this puppet is so pretty! the ladys let us touch the puppet after they found out we are exchange students!

haha actually there are perks to tell people that you are an exchange student, you get more out of things some times!

oh and one thing i noticed was how the puppeteers were all women.. i’m not sure is it because the puppets are female so the puppeteers have to women too or its because of something else.

and then after lunch, we went to the Awa Odori Kaikan 阿波踊会館

the third floor is a museum that tells u all about the Awa Dance – the history, parade, costumes, music, etc

haha a robot programmed to “awa dance”! this is incredible japan for you

there is even a dance-dance-revolution corner, where u can learn the dance!

actually the awa odori is a festival dance, and that the festival is perhaps one of the biggest annual event of Tokushima, held in august. So did that mean we didnt catch the dance! nope! because there are daily performances at this building 🙂

even though the videos are not well taken,click on the links!

performance 1 video

performance 2 video

performance 3 video

performance 4 video

and then we were taught the basic steps of the dance! the very basic about this dance is that you have to put out your right arm and feet at the same time, then left arm and leftleg, then repeat. but i found it difficult man! see how i had struggled! i think you would laugh!

体験 video

and so this was how we had played around Shikoku! even though the area is not like tokyo bursting with energy.  i dunno how to describe it aptly there is just this old – ruggish – inaka (countryside) – flavour to the place that makes me like it 🙂


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